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Noun1.liftman - a man employed to operate an elevatorliftman - a man employed to operate an elevator; "in England they call an elevator man a liftman"
elevator operator - an operator of an elevator
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He had taken it for granted, when the bell rang, that his visitor was Tom, the liftman from downstairs, a friendly soul who hailed from London and had been dropping in at intervals during the past two days to acquire the latest news from his native land.
Liftman Brands also had two launches: Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Corbett Lighting and Mark D.
Summary: He currently plays the lead in Zee5's first Marathi web series titled 'Liftman'
Previously, Thayer was a senior vice president at Liftman insurance as well as for Marsh Inc., in which she was responsible for professional management liability insurance for all financial institutions in the New England region.
This view is supported by Liftman (1981) who reports that in the 1970s, women from migrant and minority, non-English speaking cultures were more likely to work than Anglo-Australian women, often doing poorly paid shift work.
There's no liftman." The building's governing body Chairman Mohammad Alamgir Mia, however, told the TV station it was 'merely an accident'.
"It is critical that we work together to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and ensure more sustainable communities," says Alex Liftman, Global Environmental executive at Bank of America.
He said when he was a six-year-old, there had been a liftman in his housing society who had once touched him inappropriately.
Richards, Tim, Marcy Cohen, Seth Klein, and Deborah Liftman. 2008.
Yiddish Theatre: New Approaches (Liftman Library of Jewish Civilization, 2008).
Gregg Liftman's article "American Gods Is All Lies!" attempts to validate the novel's value as literature in spite of the conflicts between fantasy and reality by addressing it vicariously through an argument supporting the entire Fantasy genre.