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 (lĭft′ôf′, -ŏf′)
The initial movement by which or the instant in which a rocket or other such craft commences flight.


1. (Astronautics) the initial movement or ascent of a rocket from its launch pad
2. (Astronautics) the instant at which this occurs
(Astronautics) (intr, adverb) (of a rocket) to leave its launch pad


or lift′-off`,

1. the action of an aircraft in becoming airborne or of a rocket in rising from its launching site under its own power.
2. the instant when such action occurs.
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Noun1.liftoff - the initial ascent of a rocket from its launching padliftoff - the initial ascent of a rocket from its launching pad
rising, ascension, ascent, rise - a movement upward; "they cheered the rise of the hot-air balloon"


The act of rising in flight:
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With the rollout now completed, the final countdown will begin for a liftoff tomorrow at the start of a 33-min.
The satellite will be deployed 34 minutes after liftoff.
This will be the first launch of the unmanned Antares rocket since one exploded shortly after liftoff in October 2014.
At liftoff, a single RS-68A engine ignited to boost the Delta IV rocket off the pad, providing 702,000 pounds of lift-off thrust.
Weighing in at a liftoff mass estimated at 6,100 kg, Arabsat-6B will provide telecommunications and TV broadcasting services for the Middle East and Africa.
Liftoff is a low-cost way for millennials to start saving for retirement, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Ritholtz told ThinkAdvisor in an interview.
Less than two hours after Wednesday's liftoff, a South Korean Aegis destroyer deployed in the Yellow Sea discovered an object, believed to be part of a fuel container from the first stage of the rocket, near the trajectory announced by the North.
We then compare the federal funds rate path implied by the Taylor rule to the liftoff dates implied by participants' interest rate projections.
Roger, liftoff, and the clock has started," Shepard called out, the boom of the liftoff in the background.
Success came on launch try number six, on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the liftoff of man's first moon landing.
Launch director Mike Leinbach called the liftoff the "most visually beautiful" he has ever seen.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration delayed the liftoff Wednesday of the space shuttle Discovery by at least one day due to a fuel leak found during launch preparations.