light adaptation

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light adaptation

The process, chiefly involving constriction of the pupil, by which the eye adapts to an increase in illumination.

light′-a·dapt′ed (-ə-dăp′tĭd) adj.
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light′ adapta`tion

the reflex adjustment of the eye to bright light, consisting of a constriction of the pupil, an increase in the number of functioning cones, and a decrease in the number of functioning rods.
light′-a•dapt`ed, adj.
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Noun1.light adaptation - the process of adjusting the eyes to relatively high levels of illumination; the pupil constricts and the cones system is operative
adaptation - (physiology) the responsive adjustment of a sense organ (as the eye) to varying conditions (as of light)
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The scotopic mixed rod and cone response was recorded after 20 minutes of dark adaptation, and the photopic cone response and photopic flicker response were recorded after 10 minutes of light adaptation. Either a 1-way analysis of variance or a Kruskall-Wallis test was used to compare the a-wave and b-wave implicit time and amplitude.
"People living at high latitudes need extreme flexibility in light adaptation," the Karolinska researchers stated.
The controlling influence of light was tested by considering the effect of different levels of light adaptation upon responsiveness.
"People living at high latitudes need extreme flexibility in light adaptation. During the long periods of constant light, it is crucial to keep some circadian rhythm to get enough sleep and sustain mental health.

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