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Noun1.light arm - a rifle or pistol
weapon, weapon system, arm - any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting; "he was licensed to carry a weapon"
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For a long moment she was silent; and in that moment Archer imagined her, almost heard her, stealing up behind him to throw her light arms about his neck.
Zebra is selling its new reflection holograms with an integral light arm.
For example, you can do a little easy biking, or walking and light arm pumping first.
Thus, designing an improved light arm means designing a counterbalance mechanism that minimizes the imbalance.
I cannot believe that hundreds (of rebels) are entering Syria with their weapons while Jordan is capable of arresting any single person with a light arm for going to resist in Palestine," he said.
The sources said that more Kurdish infantry units equipped with light arms left the town of Qamishli in Northern Hasaka for Afrin region as the Turkish forces and their allied militants are on the verge of isolating Afrin from Syrian territories within the framework of Operation Olive Branch.
According to the state's Commissioner of police, Mr Fimihan Adeoye, visible efforts were being intensified to recover all categories of light arms in possession of unauthorised individuals, most especially pump action rifles.
Atta added the meeting agreed to hold a number of workshops at the CISSA five regions to discuss issues of illicit light arms proliferation, illegal migration, terrorism, money laundering, piracy and the negative and separatist movements.
Description: 2" IPS, SCH-40, x 6~ length (span), aluminum street light arms for use on wood utility poles, with the following characteristics; constructed to meet or exceed ANSI class-D, tested to meet ANSI C136.
Such proposal of the Trump administration shows that it has no concern about the harm that such liberal export of light arms in the global market would disturb the peace in different countries.
TRIGGER CONTROL A Marine shows a pupil how to operate a light arms weapon during a previous visit to Dunbeg Primary
The statement pointed out that shooting violations by light arms hit the record in areas controlled by terrorist groups like Daesh.

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