light ballast

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Noun1.light ballast - an electrical device for starting and regulating fluorescent and discharge lamps
electrical device - a device that produces or is powered by electricity
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Its products are used in automobiles, appliances, pipes and tubes and the construction industry Its steel is also used in energy-related products, electric motor laminations and light ballast applications.
* Environmental--Including asbestos abatement (floor tile, fire proofing), light bulbs, mercury switches, thermostats, lamps, PCB light ballast, CFCs and Halon; and
In 1999, the Environmental Protection Agency levied fines against the West Linn-Wilsonville School District after a light ballast at Wilsonville Primary School leaked over books, desks and other equipment.
The smoke came from an overheated light ballast that leads to fluorescent lighting on the outside of the building, Springfield Battalion Chief Dana Burwell said.
About Lighting Resources: Lighting Resources, LLC, is one of the nation's largest recyclers of fluorescent bulbs and lamps, alkaline and lithium batteries, fluorescent light ballasts, electronics and components, and related universal wastes.
Compressed gas cylinders (propane, oxygen, etc.,) smoke detectors, fireworks, ammunition, radio-actives, tires, asbestos, white goods (refrigerators, etc.), pesticides containing Pentachlorophenol and/or 2, 4, 5-T/Silvex, PCB (capacitors, transformers, light ballasts).
As part of a lighting upgrade or stand-alone project, removal of these potentially toxic light ballasts offers more than indoor environmental quality benefits.
State Systems Inc, a privately owned total protection company based in Memphis, Tennessee, has chosen Green Ballast Inc.'s (OTC BB: GBLL) patented daylight harvesting fluorescent light ballasts to be installed in State Systems' corporate headquarters and warehouse facility.
The agency reported it believes many schools built before 1979 have light ballasts containing PCBs.