light brown

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Noun1.light brown - a brown that is light but unsaturatedlight brown - a brown that is light but unsaturated
brown, brownness - an orange of low brightness and saturation
tan, topaz - a light brown the color of topaz
fawn, grayish brown, greyish brown, dun - a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color; "she wore dun"
beige, ecru - a very light brown
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"Because if it was any other coloured sack, the case must begin over again," said Father Brown; "but if it was a light brown sack, why, the case is finished."
While I thus stood, leaning on my gun, and looking up at the dark gables, sunk in an idle reverie, weaving a tissue of wayward fancies, in which old associations and the fair young hermit, now within those walls, bore a nearly equal part, I heard a slight rustling and scrambling just within the garden; and, glancing in the direction whence the sound proceeded, I beheld a tiny hand elevated above the wall: it clung to the topmost stone, and then another little hand was raised to take a firmer hold, and then appeared a small white forehead, surmounted with wreaths of light brown hair, with a pair of deep blue eyes beneath, and the upper portion of a diminutive ivory nose.
By the next year he had obtained flowers of a perfect nut-brown, and Boxtel espied them in the border, whereas he had himself as yet only succeeded in producing the light brown.
Some were thin and others fat; some were white, some light brown and some very dark of complexion.
The body of the Woggle-Bug was rather flat, and judging from what could be seen of it was of a glistening dark brown color upon the back, while the front was striped with alternate bands of light brown and white, blending together at the edges.
They were not black like the Solomon Islanders, but light brown; and their features were larger, more regular, and even handsome.
She sat between him and the window, and he noted that her hair was light brown, with hints of golden bronze.
She was wrapped in a long ulster, for the morning was raw; and I could see nothing but her face and a mass of light brown hair escaping from under the seaman's cap on her head.
Fentolin's private secretary - a white-haired woman, with a strangely transparent skin and light brown eyes, dressed in somber black, a woman who might have been of any age from thirty to fifty.
He looks at me with the tenderest and gentlest eyes (of a light brown) that I ever saw in the countenance of a man.
The light that fell upon the glistening ebony of the sentry's black skin fell also upon the light brown of Korak's.
"He has the most exquisite white curly hair and two light brown patches on his back--and, oh!