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Noun1.light diet - diet prescribed for bedridden or convalescent peoplelight diet - diet prescribed for bedridden or convalescent people; does not include fried or highly seasoned foods
diet - a prescribed selection of foods
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They should take light diet and refrain from using sodas, energy drinks and cold drinks.
"Hope is a light diet but very stimulating." - Author unknown.
Branded businesses for both Cooking Light and EatingWell, including licensing, bookazines, cookbooks and the Cooking Light Diet, will continue to operate under their current names.
So the best thing to do is to follow a light diet. Light exercises or walking can also help us to stay fit during the hot summers.
And he was delighted with the gift of a chocolate selection box from former Lord Mayor of Manchester, Carl Austin-Behan, and his husband Simon, after being placed on a 'light diet' by North Manchester General Hospital, joking that it was 'contraband.'.
Drink lots of water and have a light diet with fruits.
Saz smoothes down her skinny jeans and smiles at how slinky she feels at the moment thanks to her light diet of veg and oily fish - plus, cutting down on sugar and booze has made a difference.
The best and the most safe time for any kind of extensive exercise or sport in extreme heat is one hour after the sunset and after consuming light diet comprising of seasonal fruits and liquids followed by forty five minutes to one hour of moderate to extensive exercise or sport of your liking and a light dinner will then leave you in right mode and condition for a healthy and filling breakfast.
After careful management with fluids and medication to reduce the inflammation in his stomach and intestines (along with lots of ventilation in the isolation kennels), George was discharged the following day on a light diet and strict instructions to stay off the spicy food.