light machine gun

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Noun1.light machine gun - a submachine gun not greater than .30 millimeterlight machine gun - a submachine gun not greater than .30 millimeter
submachine gun - machine gun that is a portable automatic firearm
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Otida said the firearm was a significant find, noting that it is considered as a light machine gun and commonly used by the military.
As they often operated in small units, full-auto weapons were of primary importance in their hit-and-run tactics against numerically superior foes and so they often fielded larger numbers of the light machine gun than regular Army or USMC units.
Even better than the Prowler SMG and both Light Machine Guns, R-99 Submachine Gun boasts the highest fire rate in the game and can beat out other players in intense fights.
The standard light machine gun of the British army during World War I, it saw successful service with the British, Belgian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish and Russian armed forces during and after World War I.
"But while I was on tour in Afghanistan, noise from constant light machine gun fire left me practically deaf in one ear."
My Type 99 is a light machine gun: Japan's answer to America's BAR.
armed forces adapted it as a light machine gun, despite its flaws.
He brought police to prison to hear him admit handling the stolen weapons, including an assault rifle, sniper rifle and light machine gun.
But the rest of the ground patrol were still pinned down, so he charged towards the enemy with his light machine gun.
Around 2 am, the Pakistani soldiers opened fire with mortars and light machine gun at several border outposts to distract the attention of the Indian troops.
Azam said Malik, who was posted at the Surjani Town police station, had been arrested in a raid with a light machine gun, a TT pistol and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition.
The Marine Corps is purchasing 10,500 SAW Day Optics, one for nearly every one of its Squad Automatic Weapons, a belt-fed, 5.56mm light machine gun. The Marine Corps Times reports that optics maker Trijicon received the $33 million contract for the 3.5-magnification scopes; deliveries will begin in 2010.