light on

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light 2

1. Having little weight; not heavy:
2. Of small intensity:
3. Requiring little effort or exertion:
4. Amusing but essentially empty and frivolous:
5. Free from care or worry:
6. Marked by an absence of conventional restraint in sexual behavior; sexually unrestrained:
To come to rest on the ground:
phrasal verb
light into
Informal. To set upon with violent force:
Informal: pitch into.
phrasal verb
light on or upon
To find or meet by chance:
bump into, chance on (or upon), come across, come on (or upon), find, happen on (or upon), run across, run into, stumble on (or upon), tumble on.
Archaic: alight on (or upon).
Idiom: meet up with.

w>light (up)on

vi +prep obj (inf)entdecken, stoßen auf (+acc)
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And we reckon the following illuminating ditty, Light On, on his Twitter page is an ode to Cheryl Cole.
And I know you've been in a scary place can I help you through the day, treat you how you deserve to be, wanna be a part of your fantasy, where maybe you could promise me we'll keep the light on."'