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The ratio of the total amount of radiation, as of light, reflected by a surface to the total amount of radiation incident on the surface.


(rɪˈflɛktəns) or

reflection factor

(Units) a measure of the ability of a surface to reflect light or other electromagnetic radiation, equal to the ratio of the reflected flux to the incident flux. Symbol: ρ Compare transmittance, absorptance


(rɪˈflɛk təns)

the ratio of the intensity of reflected radiation to that of the radiation incident on a surface.
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Noun1.reflectance - the fraction of radiant energy that is reflected from a surface
coefficient - a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic
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Many researchers have attempted to estimate chlorophyll content using light reflectance and/or the vegetation index (VI) (ratio combining information contained in two spectral bands to derive vegetation greenness and canopy characteristics) because measurement of spectral reflectance provides a rapid, nondestructive method for pigment estimation (Thomas and Gausman, 1977; Sims and Gamon, 2002).
In order to create the new cellulose-based bioplastic, NEC developed a unique technology for mixing additives to adjust coloration and light reflectance of the material, enabling, for the first time, the realization of optical properties (low brightness, high glossiness, etc.
Black coloring agents and highly refractive organic ingredients were mixed with the above cellulose resin as special additives to adjust the resin's coloration and light reflectance properties.
Developed by the company's Powder Coatings business, Interpon ReFlex delivers outstanding levels of light reflectance which make it very cost-effective.
The laboratory's highly qualified and experienced staff perform tests such as thermal conductivity, solar reflectance index, light reflectance value, heavy metals, volatileorganic compounds, ignitability, oxygen index and non-combustibility.
Raju interviewed IES Member Connie Samla, SMUD's lighting specialist, to learn about color temperature, different lighting technologies and light reflectance values (LRV).
NIRR is a photographic technique that takes advantage of infrared light reflectance and transmission to make some pigments transparent, while others remain opaque.
predefined color, a UV pattern, or an infrared light reflectance, wherein the presence of the predefined color, UV pattern, or in-frared light reflectance activates the noninvasive signaling device so as to detect the presence of a substance.
attain concrete surfaces with "near drywall" smoothness, color uniformity and a 52 percent light reflectance factor.
The measurement of the cardiovascular pulse using light reflectance or transmission has been employed clinically since the 1980s to monitor hospital patients using a finger probe sensor with in-built LEDs and a photodiode.
The collection's Light Reflectance Value is high, which would help improve the brightness on the office walls and ceilings.