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Noun1.light time - distance measured in terms of the speed of light (or radio waves); "the light time from Jupiter to the sun is approximately 43 minutes"
distance, length - size of the gap between two places; "the distance from New York to Chicago"; "he determined the length of the shortest line segment joining the two points"
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Let none of earth inherit That vision on my spirit; Those thoughts I would control As a spell upon his soul: For that bright hope at last And that light time have past, And my worldly rest hath gone With a sigh as it pass'd on I care not tho' it perish With a thought I then did cherish.
The one-way light time for the Voyager 1 is a little more than 19 hours currently.
98 The distance between the 765 765 525 975 intersection /m Table 2--A one-way green wave control scheme factor A B intersection intersection Cycle /s 112 112 Coordinated phase green light time /s 72 60 Phase difference /s 60 56 Average speed of upward direction / 44 (km/h) Down direction mean speed / (km/h) 31 The total delay control system /h 2.
It aims to help those in need and urges employers to sign the Blue Light Time to Change pledge - which is a commitment to raising awareness of mental health, tackling stigma and helping enable staff and volunteers to talk more openly about the subject.
Run by mental health charity Mind, the Blue Light Time to Change project aims to tackle the stigma around mental health problems, particularly for emergency service workers.
The council had not only closed off one lane (with nothing going on behind it) but had cut the green light time for Stoney Stanton Road to just three seconds - brilliant
Though such incidents have been brought to light time and again, the culprits go unpunished only because of political patronage.
These include a number of renowned distributors from emerging markets, such as Evrosvet and Light Time Group from Russia, Crompton Greaves Ltd and Future Retail Pvt Ltd from India, Adrilux Polska and IQ Led from Poland and Al Abdul Karim Holding Company from Saudi Arabia.
Advice will focus on keeping doors and windows locked, even when you're in keeping valuables such as keys, laptops, purses, mobile phones out of view and use light time switches.
From each rotor, the information needed by the plant manager includes run time and stop time, number of yarn breakages, number of yarn clearer cuts, number of red lights and red light time and number of doffings and doffing time.
His software uses a webcam or any security cam to take pictures of roads continuously, it calculate the number of cars on the roads and give more green light time to the rush direction.