light touch

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Noun1.light touch - momentary contactlight touch - momentary contact      
touch, touching - the event of something coming in contact with the body; "he longed for the touch of her hand"; "the cooling touch of the night air"
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He rode me first slowly, then a trot, then a canter, and when we were on the common he gave me a light touch with his whip, and we had a splendid gallop.
Tarzan was about to leap after the two when he felt a light touch upon his arm.
About three o'clock the next morning Thomson was awakened by a light touch upon his shoulder.
He feels her superiority through every pore; he never before realised how absolutely inferior he is; he is abjectly polite, and contemptibly conciliatory; if a friend comes to see him, he eagerly praises her in case she should be listening behind the screen; he cannot call his soul his own, and, what is far more intolerable, neither is he sure that his body really belongs to him; he has read of ministering angels and the light touch of a woman's hand, but the day on which he can ring for his servant and put on his socks in private fills him with the same sort of wildness of joy that he felt as a homesick schoolboy at the end of his first term.
If he had dealt Clennam a heavy blow, instead of laying that light touch upon him, its effect could not have been to shake him more.
The trooper (if trooper he be or have been) takes her bonnet off, with a light touch for so strong a hand, and pats her on the head.
Standing thus, superficially observant and stirring the sawdust on the floor meditatively with the toe of his boot, he was roused by a musical and familiar voice behind him, accompanied by a light touch upon his shoulder.
The light touch held him as in a vice, and his blood tingled pleasantly through him.
The services to which this procurement relates fall within the Light Touch Regime (LTR) governing procurement of health, social, education and other service contracts.
Directed with a light touch by Roger Donaldson, this gently paced road movie is a quirky slice of life with a rich vein of earthy humour.
In a study of HIV-positive individuals with major depressive disorder and on stable medication, those who received weekly massage had a 33% decrease in HAM-D scores, compared with a 12% increase for those receiving light touch, and a 9% decrease for those on a wait list who received neither touch nor massage (P less than .
All that's needed to spark a different sort of itch, called mechanical itch, is a light touch on the skin.