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Noun1.light unit - a measure of the visible electromagnetic radiation
electromagnetic unit, emu - any of various systems of units for measuring electricity and magnetism
illumination unit - a measure of illumination
luminance unit - a measure of luminance
luminous flux unit - a measure of luminous flux per unit area
candlepower unit, luminous intensity unit - a measure of luminous intensity
exposure - the intensity of light falling on a photographic film or plate; "he used the wrong exposure"
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The vehicle, which can carry a 40-ton load, has been fitted with gadgets originally developed for autonomous trucks in Australian mines, including a laser light unit to spot objects in its way.
"The device used this generated power to charge a battery, allowing the device to be lit at night, with a range of over 2NM, thanks to a highly efficient LED light unit that focuses the emitted light into a narrow, uniform beam that can be seen by mariners, without emitting any light into any non-beneficial plane."
The lighting contractor came and took the light unit away so it is still not working.
ALTERNATIVELY COMPLETE THE COUPON IN BLOCK CAPITALS AND SEND IT TO: Daily Mirror, Heat and Light Unit Offer (MIR440), Belton Road West, Loughborough, LE11 5XL
Let's say you're authorized to carry a rail-framed service pistol with white light unit attached in a suitable duty holster, and a subcompact version for backup in an ankle or vest holster.
The Tracker, a spot-pattern sibling of the LOL-5 linear light unit, gives printers and converters new troubleshooting and machine maintenance capabilities.
The 'Frigo' light works by combining halogen lamps, which heat the space within the light unit, with a traditional fluorescent tight that takes over when prompted by a temperature sensor.
PTs' arguments were constructed within the context of a light unit in which they collected evidence about the properties/behaviors of light from 10 investigation stations.
The light unit was pulled out of the Land Rover Discovery, with a CD player and satnav system, on New Street, in Honley on Sunday night.
Bi-Xenon headlamps have just a single light unit controlling both the dipped beam and main beam functions.