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Adj.1.light-blue - of a light shade of blue
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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No wonder the little maiden in the big poke-bonnet and the light-blue sash casts down her eyes and is completely won.
I want to put on lavender-colored tights, with red velvet breeches and a green doublet slashed with yellow; to have a light-blue silk cloak on my shoulder, and a black eagle's plume waving from my hat, and a big sword, and a falcon, and a lance, and a prancing horse, so that I might go about and gladden the eyes of the people.
Here was a light-blue pair; there were some lavender, some all black and various shades of tan and gray.
Dolokhov was of medium height, with curly hair and light-blue eyes.
You know my hair is a sort of golden brown, rather a pretty shade I've been told, and a dark red matches it beautifully; and then I always think a light-blue necktie goes so well with it, and a pair of those Russian-leather shoes and a red silk handkerchief round the waist - a handkerchief looks so much better than a belt.
Each had amazingly big, light-blue eyes behind steel-rimmed spectacles; each wore a cap and a gray shawl; each was knitting without haste and without rest; each rocked placidly and looked at the girls without speaking; and just behind each sat a large white china dog, with round green spots all over it, a green nose and green ears.
This important business of the evening had hardly commenced, when the door was thrown briskly open, and another gentleman in a light-blue suit, and leaden buttons, made his appearance.
She was last seen wearing a pair of dark-blue and gray rain pants, a light-blue and gray rain jacket, and a brand-new pair of black leather, lace-up boots.
He was wearing a light-blue T-shirt, light blue jeans, dark shoes, carrying a dark jacket.
The first suspect was white, 21 to 22, about 5ft 11ins tall, of medium build with black, collar-length wavy hair, a blue denim jacket with Levi tag, light-blue denim jeans with ripped knees and white Adidas trainers.
Occhio ipogeico (Subterranean eye, 1991-95) manifested the opposite impulse: a composition made out of green, blue, and light-blue glazed terracotta tiles, it formed a kind of roof, which was placed on a platform on the floor, rendering visible what normally cannot be seen in its entirety.