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made or designed to withstand comparatively moderate loads, use, or stress: light-duty trucks. Compare heavy-duty.
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Adj.1.light-duty - not designed for heavy work; "a light-duty detergent"
heavy-duty - designed for heavy work; "a heavy-duty detergent"; "heavy-duty gloves"
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This programme includes two stations of which one in ViAaAaAeA~a del Ma serving light-duty vehicles, and one in Casablanca, serving both heavy- and light-duty vehicles.
The Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Fuel Economy Trends: 1975-2017 report is the authoritative reference for real world fuel economy, technology trends and tailpipe carbon dioxide emissions, for new personal vehicles sold in the U.
Jamjoom Vehicles and Equipment (JVE), distributor of Hino Motors in Saudi Arabia, will offer training to women to drive light-duty trucks.
The number plates will be issued to five different types of electric scooters -- small light-duty, ordinary light-duty, ordinary heavy-duty, large heavy-duty, and large heavy-duty scooters/motorcycles with a cubic capacity exceeding 550cc or 54 horsepower (hp).
Al-Futtaim Motors, the UAE distributor of Hino, has launched the Hino 300 Series Hybrid light-duty truck - which it claims as the country's first hybrid truck - at the 8 th edition of the Cold Food Chain Conference in Dubai.
Auto Business News-November 1, 2016--Ram to continue production of light-duty pickup into 2019
8ltr), JAC Motors' light-duty trucks offer heavy duty performance and are reliable, rigid, safe and suitable for various road conditions.
Riyadh, Safar 16, 1436, December 08, 2014, SPA -- The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has commended the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on its success in issuing the Saudi Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standard (Saudi CAFE) for light-duty vehicles.
However, the Claimant, alleged his employer, Safelite Group, was forcing him to accept “subsidized light-duty employment,” a mundane job that has no restorative rehabilitative value, which he asserted violated the Commission's Guidelines for Vocational Rehabilitation.
This is because much of today's industrial equipment is not actually "industrial grade," but commercial-grade, light-duty equipment intended for farming, landscaping or construction that has been repurposed for industrial use.
As part of the offer, which runs from July 9 to August 31, 2013, Foton commercial vehicles is offering the View Bus, Single-cab SUP pick-up, Double- cab SUP pick-up and the Aumark light-duty truck, with unbelievably low value pricing, starting froman incredible RO5,700, RO4,200, RO4,800 and RO7,500 respectively.
On Thursday, Amy Crosby, a cleaner at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, filed a complaint alleging that the hospital would not provide her with light-duty work when she suffered from pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome.