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A typeface or font of characters having relatively thin, light lines.

light′faced′ adj.


1. a printing type characterized by thin, light lines.
2. Also, light′-faced`. (of printed matter) set in lightface. Compare boldface.
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In this paper, bold uppercase, and bold lowercase letters denote matrices and row vectors, respectively, while lightface letters denote scalars.
He noted that HASPED was recognized by Webster's Third bythe lightface entry -ED following the main entry HASP, and argued thatthe apostrophized entry was also "recognized" by Websterby virtue of the entry ar APOSTROPHE which cited examples likeJUDG'D and WISH'D.
In these plots, boldface, medium, lightface represents Phi = 0[degrees], Phi = 90[degrees], Theta = 90[degrees] principle cut-plane respectively and red, purple, green, blue denote simulated and measured [K.sub.4][S.sub.1], KoS1, [K.sub.4][S.sub.0] in sequence.
There should be no confusion, as these different quantities are consistently indicated in lightface italic and boldface roman type, respectively
The proposal calls for the paid circulation figure to appear in boldface on the front page of the ABC statement, while also providing lightface lines for "other circulation" and "total distribution."
The number of roots producing adventitious fine rootlets into each species is given in lightface type.
In addition to the heads and story, the package contained pictures of the arrests of two persons, whose names were the first mentioned in the story, and a box that listed the names, in boldface, of the 47 arrested, and the charges in lightface.