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Not being burdened by trouble, worry, or care; happy and carefree. See Synonyms at glad1.

light′heart′ed·ly adv.
light′heart′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.lightheartedness - the cheerful feeling you have when nothing is troubling youlightheartedness - the cheerful feeling you have when nothing is troubling you
blitheness, cheerfulness - a feeling of spontaneous good spirits; "his cheerfulness made everyone feel better"
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And I, as I could not make my young companions better, feared exceedingly that they would make me worse--would gradually bring my feelings, habits, capacities, to the level of their own; without, however, imparting to me their lightheartedness and cheerful vivacity.
It is a happy characteristic of the Negro race, which they hold in common with little children, that their spirits seldom remain depressed for a considerable length of time after the immediate cause of depression is removed, and so it was that in half an hour Usanga's band was again beginning to take on to some extent its former appearance of carefree lightheartedness. Thus were the heavy clouds of fear slowly dissipating when a turn in the trail brought them suddenly upon the headless body of their erstwhile companion lying directly in their path, and they were again plunged into the depth of fear and gloomy forebodings.
"We sent him the video just to give him some lightheartedness. Brian's a massive part of the club and we were a bit shaken but we're looking forward to getting him back in.
It's the kind of response that epitomized Miller's unwavering optimism and lightheartedness despite his trying NFL career.
I love that the show has a great combination of lightheartedness and darker moments.
Despite the agonizing struggle of its lead characters (the scene in which Mauji is at a sewing competition, running the machine with a bleeding leg, is brilliant), "Sui Dhaaga" never slips into gloom and there is enough mirth and lightheartedness to push it through the tapestry of a small town, marvelously captured by cinematographer Anil Mehta.
Sex scenes are awkward enough, but Posey's lightheartedness helped break the ice.
The Ophelia's scheme stretches the bounds of reality, giving the story a lighthearted tone; however, the lightheartedness belies genuine issues of the admissions process and the stress it breeds.
She claims TV today lacks "fun and lightheartedness. I saw Paddington 2 the other day and came out smiling.
But June fears today's TV lacks "fun and lightheartedness".
That may be why Yang's work often evokes a resigned lightheartedness. His documentary project A Man Wearing the Night, 2012, focuses on the experience of a Canadian artist friend who stayed in China illegally for eight years.
Organizational consultant Larry Senn makes excellent use of the elevator analogy to explain how moods go up and down, and how all people can use certain techniques to "help [them] control [their] rides." Interestingly, the concept applies not just to individuals, but to organizations, as Senn demonstrates through his example of the lightheartedness attributed to the entire staff of Southwest Airlines.