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Noun1.lighthouse keeper - the keeper of a lighthouselighthouse keeper - the keeper of a lighthouse    
custodian, keeper, steward - one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals
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Peter told the Advertiser: "Visitors enjoyed trying on the lighthouse keeper's uniform, walking to the lighthouse for a spot of dolphin watching at the national trust nature reserve, and taking selfies at the [fictional village] New Asgard sign!" The New College Lanarkshire lecturer also gave a talk and showed a film of Scottish lighthouses dating back 50 years.
A FORMER lighthouse keeper has been honoured at a commemorative event marking the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Fastnet race disaster.
A FORMER lighthouse keeper was yesterday honoured at an event marking the 40th anniversary of the Fastnet race disaster.
FIRST World War veteran Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender) accepts a position as a lighthouse keeper on an island called Janus Rock, in The Light Between Oceans (tonight, BBC2, 10pm).
The statues will honor jazz singer Billie Holiday as well as a pioneering doctor, a lighthouse keeper and a teacher who helped desegregate public transportation in 1854.
After a short and uninspiring intro, this intelligent VR puzzler lands a spectacular visual sucker punch with the discovery that your character, a puppet-like lighthouse keeper, is living inside a scale model owned by a giant version of himself.
A bearded lighthouse keeper carefully tends to the structure and its internal workings.
Gayland was a lighthouse keeper at Point Lynas Lighthouse in North Wales from around 1949 to his death in the late 1960s, when Joyce and her family (including sisters Maureen and Pamela) moved to Liverpool.
Robson Green's Coastal Lives ITV, 8pm FACTUAL Robson is over on England's east coast, where he meets a couple who live on a seal sanctuary, visits a former World War I campsite, and pops in to see a volunteer lighthouse keeper who works at the remote nature reserve Spurn Point.
Before being used by the lighthouse keeper, it housed the gas pipes which ran the length of the pier.
One October in the early 1970s, Esther and her family move into a lighthouse keeper's house just outside Ferryland, Newfoundland, a perfect setting for her father to work on his paintings and her mother to make her pottery.