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Adj.1.lightly armored - equipped with armor heavy enough to provide protection against fire from light arms
armored, armoured - protected by armor (used of persons or things military)
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Erwan Potier, 23, from the French town of Senlis, died on May 21 as a result of injuries he suffered in a February 2018 accident while on an operation in a lightly armored vehicle along the Blue Line, the U.N.-demarcated border between Israel and Lebanon.
The Colossus is heavily armored but slow, the Storm and the Interceptor are fast and lightly armored, and the Ranger strikes a balance between toughness and maneuverability.
Lightly armored wheeled and tracked vehicles produced in Ukraine have high tactical and technical characteristics and successfully compete with foreign weapons [1].
The APKWS II is a laser-guided rocket similar to standard Hellfire missiles, and serves as a low-cost, high-accuracy variant to the Hellfire missiles previously used against lightly armored targets.
The potential applications of this advanced technology include anti-personnel weapon systems, missile defense system, and the disabling of lightly armored vehicles.
Eighty such planes are to be built by 2024, which will make it possible to ferry 400 heavy tanks or 900 lightly armored vehicles to the battlefield much faster than ever before.
Kingsley's group first investigated what causes stickleback fish that live in salt water to have heavy armor plates made of bone while freshwater sticklebacks are lightly armored with smaller and fewer bony plates.
The name of a Bulgarian company, Bulcomers KS Ltd (previously referred to as Bulkomers in the December reports about weapons deliveries via Bulgaria) is pointed to as the "official broker" in the deal.The arms sold to Ukraine were designed for fighting against lightly armored equipment, damaging radars and defusing ammunition and mines from a safe distance.
It was designed for defeating enemy personnel in fortifications, in open country, and in lightly armored vehicles and transport.
Built by Ford, this speedy armored car packed enough of a wallop (a 37mm main gun) to work as assault vehicles against lightly armored Japanese tanks.
Originally developed to counter tanks, today the Kornet-EM is effectively used to destroy other targets: soft-skinned and lightly armored vehicles, manpower, various kinds of fortifications, infrastructure elements and even air targets.