lightly armoured

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Adj.1.lightly armoured - equipped with armor heavy enough to provide protection against fire from light arms
armored, armoured - protected by armor (used of persons or things military)
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THE Defence Secretary has apologised to the families of British soldiers killed in Iraq while travelling in lightly armoured Snatch Land Rovers.
THE Defence Secretary has said sorry to families of soldiers killed in Iraq while travelling in lightly armoured Snatch Land Rovers, it emerged yesterday.
One vehicle, the Vector - brought in to replace lightly armoured Snatch Land Rovers - had performed so badly that it was withdrawn and upgraded.
One controversial vehicle up for sale is the lightly armoured Snatch Land Rover.
It's armour penetration is usually very low and the shell is only capable of penetrating very lightly armoured tanks, or the rear, and sometimes the sides, of other tanks.
Presented by local living history group Rosa Mundi, "Arms and Armour in Medieval England" will look at 15th century military dress, from the lightly armoured 'handgonner' to the longbow archer and the fully harnessed 'manat-arms'.
Private Phillip Hewett, 21, of Tamworth, died in July 2005 after a lightly armoured Snatch Land Rover was blown up.
Since March, the regiment has provided support to 12 (Mechanised) Brigade in Helmand, using the hi-tech Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System, which was designed to be used against lightly armoured targets .
Fifty airmen from the RAF Regiment Force Protection Wing raced to the scene in lightly armoured vehicles.
NIMR's vehicles range from 6x6 armoured personnel carriers and armoured patrol vehicles, to heavily and lightly armoured 4x4 command and recon vehicles -- all built for high endurance in demanding desert terrain and extreme weather conditions.