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Adj.1.lightly-armed - armed with light weapons
light - of the military or industry; using (or being) relatively small or light arms or equipment; "light infantry"; "light cavalry"; "light industry"; "light weapons"
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They enormously enhanced the mobility and punch of otherwise lightly-armed troops.
According to the narratives, the heavily-armed German forces were bogged down in snow-blanketed large swaths of land, with bad visibility that rendered usage of heavy arms difficult at times, thus turning into easy prey for lightly-armed locals well acquainted with the terrain of their homeland.
"Islamic State forces have heavier weapons, including armoured vehicles and tanks, which they seized from the Iraqi and Syrian armies, giving them an advantage on the ground against lightly-armed Kurdish, or Peshmerga fighters," Hussein said.
His warning came just two days after Turkey's top general issued an unusual message of support for the Turkish troops stationed at the tomb, saying that the army "will be there for you the moment we hear a single word from you." Some press reports said this week that the exclave had been surrounded by Islamic State (IS) jihadists, who have taken over swathes of northern Syria, and the few dozen, lightly-armed Turkish troops stationed there had been taken hostage.
But the submarine's deadly attack on the lightly-armed liner steamship SS Apapa, en-route from Lagos in Nigeria to Liverpool, was not among the litany of atrocities of World War II.
No military expertise is required to know that two lightly-armed gunboats cannot protect our EEZ in the event that the Turks decided to attack it, so the main reason for buying them is invalid.
Meanwhile, a regime that is forced to depend on Russian, Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese help to mount a deadly offensive against civilians and lightly-armed rebel groups can take true comfort in the stance of the international community.
Anti-Assad activists say the lightly-armed rebels had taken down an aircraft in al-Ghouta region, one of the suburbs of Damascus.
The latest violence shows that government troops are still struggling to regain full control of the city from the lightly-armed rebels nearly five weeks after they stormed their way into it in a surprise offensive, the report said.
The latest violence in Aleppo shows that government forces are still struggling to regain full control of the city from the lightly-armed opposition fighters nearly five weeks after they stormed their way into the city in a surprise offensive.
The fighting between the Syrian army and rebel forces continues - with yesterday's helicopter crash the latest example of increasing confidence from the lightly-armed rebels.