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n. pl. lig·u·lae (-lē′) or lig·u·las
A strap-shaped or tonguelike structure, especially the terminal portion of the labium in the mouthparts of certain insects.

[Latin, diminutive of lingua, tongue; see dn̥ghū- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -lae (-ˌliː) or -las
1. (Zoology) entomol the terminal part of the labium of an insect consisting of paired lobes
2. (Botany) a variant spelling of ligule
[C18: New Latin; see ligule]
ˈligular adj
ˈliguˌloid adj


(ˈlɪg yə lə)

n., pl. -lae (-ˌli)
1. Bot., Zool. a tonguelike or strap-shaped part or organ.
2. ligule.
[1750–60; < New Latin; Latin li(n)gula spoon, shoe-strap <li(n)gere to lick]
lig′u•lar, adj.
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Flores marginales 8, feminei, ligulae oblongo-ellipticae, 4-nervatae, glabrae, 3-dentatae, 4-5 mm longae, 2-2,5 mm latae.
He placed species into three groups: those with very prominent ligulae (including A.
5 mm latae, extus cum tomenti pilosi versus basim; paleae flosculorum hermaphroditorum anguste--obovatae usque ad 6 mm longae x 2 mm latae ad apicem pilosiusculae; flores foeminei ligulatae circa 35; tubus florum ligularum versus basim cum corona pilosa characteristica, pilis clavatis pluricellularibus stramineis; ligulae late--elliptica patente 3.