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Adj.1.liii - being three more than fiftyliii - being three more than fifty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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The Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears and New York Jets are tied with the worst Super Bowl LIII odds at 100-1.
Three serotype Nitra isolates clustered with LIII (CDC-STK-1280 and 96-0186) and LIV (2010K-0860), indicating that they are members of these S.
1]) foi superior quando comparada com os LIII (1,82 [micro]S x [cm.
The commander of the German LIII Corps, General Edwin von Rothkirch, was captured when he mistook a column of German prisoners for one of his units.
Os Discursos LII -- Sobre Esquilo, Sofocles, Euripedes e o Arco de Filotetes, LIII -- Sobre Homero, LIV -- Sobre Socrates e LV -- Sobre Homero e Socrates sao representativos sobre as referencias de Dion Crisostomo em relacao as influencias filosofico-literarias sofridas.
Dios y el mal en Dostoievski>>, Espiritu LIII [2004] 77-85), que sin embargo no se contiene en esta edicion en lengua castellana.
In this article, the author analyzes Pound's Canto XIII and Cantos LIII, LV, and LVI from the "China Cantos," arguing that Pound used poetry as his medium to mirror those Confucian values that he felt were indispensable for the healing of Western civilization and culture.
LIII, lo alude con la fecha equivocada que proporciona Zapatero, pero no lo recoge en las OC.
Blitz (Geoffrey Ellis from Bridgwater), liii Mull (A Muller of Coventry) and Sumo Inc (Keith Prestbury from New Milton), all of whom had amassed 353 by last night.
Ira Berlin, "From Creole to African: Atlantic Creoles and the Origins of African-American Society in Mainland North America," William and Mary Quarterly LIII (April 1996): 251-288.
Prioritizing and rewarding helped Liii kick the habit: "When I didn't IM until I was done with my homework, I bought a new CD.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Caricaturist: Picasso, Joyce, Britten," an essay first published by Comparative Literature Studies in 1982, probes the double-edged character of "Oxen of the Sun" keeping a distance from both its Homeric source and chapter LIII of David Copperfield the style of which, Egri argues, becomes playfully displaced and thoroughly caricatured in Joyce.