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also like·a·ble  (lī′kə-bəl)
Pleasing; attractive.

lik′a·ble·ness, like′a·ble·ness n.


(ˈlaɪkəbəl) or


easy to like; pleasing
ˌlikaˈbility, ˌlikeaˈbility, ˈlikableness, ˈlikeableness n


or like•a•ble

(ˈlaɪ kə bəl)

readily or easily liked; pleasing.
lik′a•ble•ness, lik`a•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.likable - (of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelingslikable - (of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings; "the sympathetic characters in the play"
drama - the literary genre of works intended for the theater
2.likable - easy to like; agreeable; "an attractive and likable young man"
liked - found pleasant or attractive; often used as a combining form; "a well-liked teacher"


مُسْتَحَب، خَفيف الظِّل، جذّاب


(laik) verb
1. to be pleased with; to find pleasant or agreeable. I like him very much; I like the way you've decorated this room.
2. to enjoy. I like gardening.
ˈlik(e)able adjective
(of a person) agreeable and attractive.
ˈliking noun
1. a taste or fondness (for). He has too great a liking for chocolate.
2. satisfaction. Is the meal to your liking?
should/would like
want. I would like to say thank you; Would you like a cup of tea?
take a liking to
to begin to like. I've taken a liking to him.


a. agradable, amable, simpático-a.
References in classic literature ?
She was just, conscientious, economical, industrious; a regular attendant at church and Sunday-school, and a member of the State Missionary and Bible societies, but in the presence of all these chilly virtues you longed for one warm little fault, or lacking that, one likable failing, something to make you sure she was thoroughly alive.
Craven looked over the collection of sturdy little bodies and round red-cheeked faces, each one grinning in its own particular way, and he awoke to the fact that they were a healthy likable lot.
And so he easily maintained the reputation of being a most democratic and likeable fellow, and indeed he was likable.
Besides, he was a likable man: sweet-tempered, ready-witted, frank, without grins of suppressed bitterness or other conversational flavors which make half of us an affliction to our friends.
Edward Alleyn, from the portrait preserved at [78] his noble foundation at Dulwich, like a fine Holbein, figures, in blent strength and delicacy, as a genial, or perhaps jovial, soul, finding time for sentiment,--Prynne (included, we suppose, in this company, like the skull at the feast) as a likable if somewhat melancholic young man; while Garrick and his wife playing cards, after Zoffany, present a pair of just very nice young people.
Come as often as you like," Anne responded heartily, thankful that one of Roy's sisters was likable.
Two estimates the steward quickly made of Michael: he was a likable dog, genial-natured on the face of it, and he was a valuable dog.
Certainly, Michael had never met a man so immediately likable.
According to Gallup poll, 81 percent of Americans consider Obama likable, while 64 percent considered the same about Romney.
Hayate is a likable guy--he's honest, reliable, hardworking and probably not too bright.
Kuklachev and his fellow clowns have plenty of likable interplay with those remarkably calm little sphinxes.
In a Mexico City apartment complex, 14-year-old best pals Flama (Daniel Miranda) and Moko (the very likable Diego Catano) spend a typical weekend afternoon playing Xbox games, snacking, and getting up to minor mischief.