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Noun1.likeliness - the probability of a specified outcome
probability - the quality of being probable; a probable event or the most probable event; "for a while mutiny seemed a probability"; "going by past experience there was a high probability that the visitors were lost"
odds - the likelihood of a thing occurring rather than not occurring
unlikelihood, unlikeliness - the improbability of a specified outcome
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In addition, high likeliness of road mishaps on the back of rising trends of alcohol consumption is also predicted to increase the adoption rate of biometric driver identification system in vehicles.
Agiloft also came in at the top of the composite satisfaction scores, which average net emotional footprint, vendor capabilities, product features, and likeliness to recommend.
Sensing the likeliness of the masses and its users, the company has now taken giant steps to make it bigger.
"When you speak to businesses in the area, it is also clear that for many the fear over leaving the EU, particularly the increasing likeliness of a no-deal Brexit, is creating a barrier to job creation.
In all likeliness, the return of Gomes, Delph and even Schneiderlin could throw into jeopardy the starting roles of both players long term if Silva did want to play a 4-3-3.
He said: "However, while Scotland's economy and jobs market remains strong and diverse, the UK government's EU exit plans - particularly the increasing likeliness of a no-deal Brexit - will cost jobs and make people poorer.
"The recent further narrowing of the 10-year versus two-year yield curve possibly reflects the increasing likeliness of a 50-basis-point cut to the Fed funds rate in September, due to rising trade tensions and weakening EPS (earnings per share) growth expectations," said Sam Stovall of CFRA Research.
As stated in your article by the head of communication at Turn2us "every day beyond this increases the likeliness of rent arrears, evictions and homelessness."
The likeliness of a maritime showdown between the IRGC and coalition ships would rise dramatically.
The Lander, Vikram, will in all likeliness make a soft landing on the lunar surface on September 6, 2019.
you don't know what the range is, in terms of the likeliness of getting a true accurate reading".
But Mr Collins said it was "astonishing" that "you don't know itself what the range is, in terms of the likeliness of getting a true accurate reading."