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Adj.1.lilac-colored - of a pale purple color
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The birches with their sticky green leaves were motionless, and lilac-colored flowers and the first blades of green grass were pushing up and lifting last year's leaves.
This way a lilac-colored building won't suddenly pop up in the middle of a row of half-timbered houses in Sauerland," says DE-sterdiek.
Donna's niece, Quynh, was the flower girl and wore a glittery lilac-colored dress.
The Tulipa bakeri has lilac-colored petals with yellow centers, and partners well with dwarf daffodils.
Made with natural wholesome milk from the Alps, represented by the famous lilac-colored Simmental cow, this leading European chocolate is yet another top-of-the-range product offering from Kraft Foods.
Water Mint Sake is a strongly scented perennial mint from Europe and Asia sprouting densely crowded lilac-colored flowers with a perfume like that of the bergamot orange.
Add some lilac-colored dye, and they're purple poinsettias.
Striking and colorful, chinaberry was widely introduced as an ornamental shade tree because of its large compound leaves, its distinctive clusters of lilac-colored flowers and its round yellow fruits.