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 (lĭl′ē-koi′) also li·li·ko'i (lē′lē-kō′ē)
n. pl. lilikoi also liliko'i

[Hawaiian liliko'i, after Liliko'i , valley of Maui where the passionflower was first introduced to Hawaii in the 1880s.]
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It's mode by Monkeypod Jam of Kauai, Hawaii, using liliko'i (aka passion fruit) from local farmers.
For the liliko'i gelee: In saucepan combine puree and simple
OAHU | OnoPops, at farmers' markets and Whole Foods These haute popsicles, developed by brothers Joe Welch and Josh Lanthier-Welch, come in flavors reminiscent of their Oahu childhood, as well as tastes of the moment: Liliko'i Cheesecake, Salted Watermelon, Rangpur Mojito (with Kona limes, Maui rum, raw cane, and North Shore mint), and Pineapple Li Hing (with OnoPop's own li hing sweet-salty spice blend).
My favorite menu updates are the tart-sweet pineapple drop cocktail and the chocolate liliko'i parfaits.