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adj. Biology
Having a distinct edge or margin, especially of a different color.

[Late Latin limbātus, bordered, from Latin limbus, border.]
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(Biology) biology having an edge or border of a different colour from the rest: limbate flowers.
[C19: from Late Latin limbātus bordered, from limbus]
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All setae simple, smooth, limbate, hairy or finely serrated, arranged in one or two vertical rows in each fascicle.
Setae of two basic types; first one as curved capillary with long tips and rows of dense fine hairs, giving the erroneous appearance of a limbate condition (Figure 2, Figure 1c, d), as pointed out by Ewing (1984), second one as heavy sickle-shaped setae with a straight smooth basal region, and curved, flattened and coarser median-region, tapering gradually to the distal end, with a long, smooth spine-like tip.