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lim·ber 1

1. Bending or flexing readily; pliable.
2. Capable of moving, bending, or contorting easily; supple.
v. lim·bered, lim·ber·ing, lim·bers
To make limber: limbered up his legs.
To make oneself limber: players limbering up before the game.

[Origin unknown.]

lim′ber·ly adv.
lim′ber·ness n.

lim·ber 2

A two-wheeled, horse-drawn vehicle used to tow a field gun or a caisson.

[Alteration of Middle English limour, shaft of a cart, perhaps from limon, from Old French.]
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Patients who consistently follow the plan have reported an improvement in energy production, reduction in muscle twitching and cramping, and improved coordination, balance, and limberness.
But what strikes me as genuinely extraordinary about these late poems is the limberness and variety with which they discover poetic shape, each its own, inductively.
The scaffolding is of course itself a stage for the three pole-wielding philosophers, who move up and down its steel frame with varying degrees of limberness.
Now, she wows audiences with impeccable limberness showcased in her spins, jumps and fleet, fancy footwork, and has at least nine first place finishes at UAE tournaments.
She showed a great deal of limberness that pleased everyone.