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Plural of limbus.
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Her sister Amy having already agreed to smoke up our screens alongside Mohammad Saed in a new comedy "Fifa Atata and Limbi" might have just given her the competitive spirit needed to take the television plunge this summer.
Ajunsa la a sasea editie, antologia prezinta, in partea de inceput, lucrari sau cronici in diferi0te limbi (engleza, franceza, albaneza, spaniola, chineza, romana) despre paradoxism sau aplicatiile sale, folclor paradoxist, glume, paradoxuri matematice si geometrice, imagini din realitatea paradoxista pe care o traim.
The new drama "Atata and the Limbi", bringing back the two characters from his film "Oukal", follows the stories "Atata" the granny tells "Al Limbi" from her imagination.