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n. pl. lim·eys Slang
1. A British sailor.
2. An English person.

[Short for lime juicer (from the use of lime juice on British warships in order to prevent scurvy).]


1. a British person
2. (Nautical Terms) a British sailor or ship
[abbreviated from C19 lime-juicer, because British sailors were required to drink lime juice as a protection against scurvy]


(ˈlaɪ mi)

n., pl. -eys.
usage: This term is usually used with disparaging intent and perceived as insulting, although it is sometimes used as a neutral nickname.
n. Slang: Usu. Disparaging and Offensive.
1. a British sailor.
2. an Englishman.
[1885–90; so called from the use of lime juice on British ships to prevent scurvy]
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Noun1.limey - a man of English descentlimey - a man of English descent    
Englishman - a man who is a native or inhabitant of England


[ˈlaɪmɪ] N (US, Canada) (pej) → inglés/esa m/f


n (dated US inf) → Engländer(in) m(f)
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com) - Expect a limey, juicy note and mixed spray of peach and grapefruit, with plenty of lemon zest and an attractive, lively finish.
The Yank demonises Muslims while this slimey Limey, born in New York yet renouncing citizenship to avoid US taxes, spouts poison about Germans with the wild prejudice of a Hooray gulping once too often from a port bottle at a Bullingdon reunion.
I suppose the Americans have Limey and Australians have Pom but those terms usually also include all British people as well as the English.
They are ideal for containers if you have limey soil, and will grow well in both sunny and partially shaded locations.
Warm, sunny days and cool nights produce a crisp style which can veer from uber-tropical to limey and pungent, and thanks to prized weather conditions last year, 2013 is considered a high quality vintage.
Angela Wise by email: This information should only be provided with rhododendrons and azaleas, which die if you grow them in limey soil.
Profusely illustrated in full color thoroughly out, the recipes range from Kumquat-Habaneior Marmalade; Limey Rum Sour Cherry Preserves; and Watermelon Caynne Jelly; to Autumn Spice Pear Sauce; Figgy Conserve; Pickled Beets; and Chipotle Mustard.
Finally, end your day with one of these desserts: Cardamom-Scented Chocolate Chippers, Luscious Limey "Cheese" Cake, or Baked Coconut Ginger Millet Pudding.
Sweetened with Stevia, Honest Fizz is available in four flavors: Orange Pop, Root Beer, Professor Fizz (spiced cherry) and Lemon Limey.
I knew Ian Fleming - the author of the 007 novels - and I used the way he walked when I did The Limey.
bar] LIMEY, Dr Who's Tardis has got nothing on this character property in Woolton's High Street.
I have found almost solid, thin layers of this hard limey clay with holes punched through.