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restrictive; limiting


(ˈlɪm ɪˌteɪ tɪv)

limiting; restrictive.
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Scrivere il Nordest si apre con una introduzione del saggista triestino Elvio Guagnini che, prendendo spunto dalla famosa siepe leopardiana che "da tanta parte / dell'ultimo orizzonte" limita lo sguardo e accentua i confini, indaga nel profondo delle "considerazioni generali sulla cultura di territorio" e sulle "generalizzazioni geoletterarie" che limitano la liberta espressiva dell'arte e la incastrano in scomode e limitative etichette ("Il cielo, l'orizzonte, la siepe, lo sguardo, la finzione.
This enumeration comprised in article 482 Criminal procedure code deals with mandatory elements of matter, but it is not a limitative one if we have in view the provisions comprised in paragraph (3) of article 483 from the same Code, which refer to the situations when a transaction or mediation agreement regarding the civil claims is concluded between the defendant, the civil party and the party responsible from civil point of view.
the requesting party] not having the documents in its possession, an exact description of the requested exhibit by the latter may not be required; within the meaning of the French reservation, the enumeration of the documents is limitative insofar as they are identified with a reasonable degree of specificity depending on a certain number of criteria such as their date, nature or author.
On the contrary, the thermal stability of BDP could be limitative for the processing of a medical device and for the selection of an appropiate sterilization method.
According to the intended purpose: Limitative or closed: they allow only one valid answer, one judgment, comparison, decision, closely directing the students' judgment; Comprehensive or open: they allow choosing the response out of ideas, multiple viewpoints and methods, different techniques, dependent on possibilities, interests, level of development, they encourage initiative, clarify ideas and develop feelings; Demanding and exploratory: they stimulate students to look for the answer, urge them to express more widely and clearly without forcing into their thinking a certain direction.
Thus, the limitative and somehow subjective character of the current research in the field can be better explained, even though the objective character which scientific research claims should rise above these practices that, many times, have a temporary character and are not necessary anchored in the social needs of the citizens which they are supposed to serve.
The assessment of the need to undertake limitative measures by the state in terms of freedom to manifest one's religion or beliefs remains partly within the so-called margin of appreciation of the state [7].
Prevoir une liste limitative des documents exiges pour chaque procedure tout en affichant cette liste au niveau de chaque administration concernee et l'appliquer rigoureusement sur toute la Tunisie ;
b) Financing is not a limitative factor for investing in projects because, in addition to their own profits, elites have easy access to capital markets.
After analyzing the foreign provisions, we have come upon restrictive, permissive, limitative or prohibitive legislations, that are concentrated in some distinctive directions: