limited partnership

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limited partnership

A business partnership in which the liability of some of the partners is limited to the capital those partners have invested.

lim′ited part′nership

a partnership in which the liability of at least one of the partners is limited to the amount that partner has invested. Compare general partnership.
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A limited partnership is a particular type of business made up of a number of partners, who can be people or other business entities.
The Tax Court held that the taxpayers' interests in their LLPs and LLCs were not presumptively passive because they did not hold their interests in the entities as limited partners in a limited partnership.
MAS One Limited Partnership was formed in Ohio as a limited partnership to own and operate an office building in Florida.
The most commonly used structure for foreign real estate investors is a limited partnership or limited liability company.
Wasaya Airways Limited Partnership, owned by eight First Nations communities north of Thunder Bay, has entered into a partnership agreement with Northland Petroleum of Winnipeg, Man.
A limited partnership is special because, unlike a general partnership, a limited partnership grants limited liability to a certain class of partners.
In this case, the innovation was the widespread adoption of the limited partnership.
Yet an LLC has certain tax advantages that a limited partnership or an S corporation doesn't.
State partnership law generally provides that a creditor's remedy against ownership interests in a limited partnership is to obtain a "charging order," which is typically a rather limited remedy.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has taken numerous rating actions on 18 RESI Finance Limited Partnership and 19 RESIX Finance Limited credit-linked notes prime RMBS transactions listed below:
In Estate of Harper, TC Memo 2002-121, the Tax Court ruled that a limited partnership formed by a decedent and funded with a majority of his assets was defective; thus, the property was includible in his estate.
In Canada, however, a limited partnership is not recognized as a corporation resident in the U.

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