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1. Confined or restricted within certain limits: has only limited experience.
a. Not attaining the highest goals or achievement: a limited success.
b. Having only mediocre talent or range of ability: a popular but limited actor.
3. Having governmental or ruling powers restricted by enforceable limitations, as a constitution or a legislative body: limited monarchy.
4. Abbr. Ltd. Of or relating to a limited company.
5. Of, relating to, or being transportation facilities, such as trains or buses, that make few stops and carry relatively few passengers.
A limited train or bus.

lim′i·ted·ly adv.
lim′i·ted·ness n.
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Adv.1.limitedly - in a limited manner
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Because of this time-consuming editing process, the quantity of data from TV series' titles is limitedly less than data collected by crawling bot.
The IGAD Heads of States and Government must endorse a permanent Chairperson of Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (RJMEC) before the end of the limitedly extended pre-transitional period by 4 months, which has to be subtracted from 36 months of the agreed transitional period in R-ARCSS.
For fear of rendering this discourse on 'peripheries' intensely, and limitedly, psychological or psychosocial, Aguilar looks as well on the social.
Third, in the group of limitedly allowed molecules of beta-2 agonists, maximum doses for 24 hours and limits of the urine levels of salbutamol and formoterol were determined, whereas for salmeterol, there is no indication for urine or blood sample's level.
Briefing reporters after the meeting, Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal informed that the Prime Minister said EVMs should initially be used in urban areas limitedly as the number of educated people in cities and towns is higher.
The results revealed that cooperating teacher failed to make this distinction and despite being very cooperative they were limitedly successful in grooming prospective teachers.
Influence of limitedly visible leafy indoor plants on the psychology, behavior, and health of students at a junior high school in Taiwan.
The major concern in TL supracostal PCNL is increased thoracic complications, such as pleural effusion, need for thoracostomy and endotracheal intubation with mechanical ventilation, but the limitedly literature available has not shown any major difference between two approaches in terms of pulmonary complications (TL 9.3% vs.
On the contrary, the issue was limitedly described in H3 trimethylation ChIP-Seq data analysis in galline species [2,12,13].
"I've interacted with Tonya very limitedly," he said.