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1. Acting as a limit.
2. Grammar Restricting the range of application of the noun modified.
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restricting or tending to restrict
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(ˈlɪm ɪ tɪŋ)

1. serving to restrict or restrain; restrictive; confining.
2. (of an adjective or other modifier) serving to restrict, rather than describe, the word it modifies, as this in this room or certain in a certain person. Compare descriptive (def. 2a).
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Noun1.limiting - the grammatical relation that exists when a word qualifies the meaning of the phrase
grammatical relation - a linguistic relation established by grammar
restrictiveness - a grammatical qualification that makes the meaning more specific (`red hat' has a more specific meaning than `hat')
apposition - a grammatical relation between a word and a noun phrase that follows; "`Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer' is an example of apposition"
Adj.1.limiting - restricting the scope or freedom of action
restrictive - serving to restrict; "teenagers eager to escape restrictive home environments"
2.limiting - strictly limiting the reference of a modified word or phrase; "the restrictive clause in `Each made a list of the books that had influenced him' limits the books on the list to only those particular ones defined by the clause"
grammar - the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
restrictive - serving to restrict; "teenagers eager to escape restrictive home environments"
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[ˈlɪmɪtɪŋ] ADJrestrictivo
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