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Any of a group of widely occurring yellowish-brown to black iron oxide minerals, essentially FeO(OH)·nH2O, used as a minor ore of iron.

[Originally, bog iron ore, from German Limonit (coined on the model of German Wiesenerz : Wiesen, meadow + Erz, ore) : Greek leimōn, meadow, moist grassy place (of unknown origin) + German -it, -ite (from Latin -ītēs; see -ite1).]

li′mo·nit′ic (-nĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Minerals) a common brown, black, or yellow amorphous secondary mineral that consists of hydrated ferric oxides and is a source of iron. Formula: FeO(OH).nH2O
[C19: probably from Greek leimōn, translation of earlier German name, Wiesenerz meadow ore]
limonitic adj


(ˈlaɪ məˌnaɪt)

a brown-to-yellow mineral mixture, mostly noncrystalline iron hydroxide with hematite and goethite: an ore of iron.
[1815–25; < Greek leimṓn meadow + -ite1 (so called from its typical location, in bogs or wet meadows)]
li`mo•nit′ic (-ˈnɪt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.limonite - a widely occurring iron oxide ore; a mixture of goethite and hematite and lepidocrocite
iron ore - an ore from which iron can be extracted
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During phase two of the program, the site of the multi-ounce gold sample was re-examined and visible gold was discovered within limonitic vein quartz float.Large blocks and finer talus of vein material mixed with oxidized brecciated vein quartz were also found in several, nearby linear structures.Sporadic outcrops of mineralized, breccia and vein quartz show that these structures strike northeast and dip steeply southeast, and suggest that the mineralized talus is close to its bedrock source.
In the sector containing mineshafts, the andesites present reddish-brown limonitic patinas, with epidote-chlorite alteration and silicification (Figure 3).
The sample is characterised by banded baritic lead ore from a metasomatic deposit hosted by limestone; galena grains in dark bands can be recognized with coarse-grained white barite lenses and fine-grained limonitic matrix.
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Marls contain thin limonitic layers with accumulations of the brachiopod Lingula, which is typical of the upper Muschelkalk facies in the Iberian Range (Marquez-Aliaga et al., 1999).
Isolation and characterization of mineral phosphate-solubilizing bacteria naturally colonizing a limonitic crust in the south-eastern Venezuelan region.
In contrast to figure 3E, there is the pervasive alteration of the grain --shown in figure 3G--that shows a similar yellow clay material developing in the inner surfaces of the vesicles, but the matrix has a bright orange color consistent with limonitic hydrothermal alteration of iron rich glass.
Georgiou and Papangelakis [26] expressed that stirring speed had a negligible effect on the rate of nickel dissolution from limonitic laterite.
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