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1. Characterized by transparent clearness; pellucid. See Synonyms at clear.
2. Free from clouds or haze: a limpid sky.
3. Easily intelligible; clear: writes in a limpid style.
4. Easily or pleasantly heard; distinct: playing the violin with a limpid tone.
5. Flowing or moving gracefully: limpid movements of a dancer.

[Latin limpidus.]

lim·pid′i·ty, lim′pid·ness n.
lim′pid·ly adv.
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Noun1.limpidity - free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression
comprehensibility, understandability - the quality of comprehensible language or thought
monosemy - having a single meaning (absence of ambiguity) usually of individual words or phrases
focus - maximum clarity or distinctness of an idea; "the controversy brought clearly into focus an important difference of opinion"
clearcutness, preciseness - clarity as a consequence of precision
perspicuity, perspicuousness, plainness - clarity as a consequence of being perspicuous
unambiguity, unequivocalness - clarity achieved by the avoidance of ambiguity
explicitness - clarity as a consequence of being explicit
2.limpidity - passing light without diffusion or distortion
transparentness, transparence, transparency - the quality of being clear and transparent
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The quality of being clear and easy to perceive or understand:
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Their unrestrained laughter filling the hot, fern-clad ravine had a soulless limpidity, as of wild, inhuman dwellers in tropical woodlands.
Across the warm brown of her cheek her blown hair glittered like silver wire; and her eyes too looked lighter, almost pale in their youthful limpidity. As she walked beside Archer with her long swinging gait her face wore the vacant serenity of a young marble athlete.
Her extreme limpidity was almost provoking, and I felt for the moment that she would have been more satisfactory if she had been less ingenuous.
"Colourful jewel effects gleam through the varying depths of the cuts, changing with every light focus, and characteristics are a peculiar ring and a unique limpidity, while gossamer designs and lacy traceries were accentuated by shallow wheel engraving."
Legend: V = visual, O = olfact, T = taste/flavor, Li = limpidity, In = intensity, Hu = hue, Ty = typicality, Gp = green bell pepper, Fr = fruity, Sp = spicy, Ve = vegetal, An = animal, Bo = body, As = astringency, Ac = acidity, Ba = balance, Pe = persistence, Qu = overall quality.
In either of these, Mallari's first concern is always the capturing of the clearness, the limpidity of light.
The properties of Zecchin's incomparable designs are perfectly conveyed by the art critic Roberto Papini who, in 1923, wrote: 'Vittorio Zecchin, one of the most exquisite artists Italy has today, has the merit to have understood first, again, that glass from his Murano has two essential qualities: lightness and limpidity, the more evident and joyous the more they are contained in forms of simple elegance and harmony.'
(69) One goal of using the standard clear glass bottles was to facilitate the interdiction of contraband, another was to underline the perfect limpidity of the new, modern liquor, and a third was to promote the growth of a fledgling--and French-owned--glass industry.
in many of his paintings [we find] a folk lyricism characterized by limpidity of color, freshness, and something of the openness we encounter in legends and folklore....
The horizontal print, mesmerising in its illusionistic play of light over azure limpidity, serves as a stage for a procession of ceramic fish and automobiles that circulates counterclockwise in a large lemniscate (infinity symbol).