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1. Characterized by transparent clearness; pellucid. See Synonyms at clear.
2. Free from clouds or haze: a limpid sky.
3. Easily intelligible; clear: writes in a limpid style.
4. Easily or pleasantly heard; distinct: playing the violin with a limpid tone.
5. Flowing or moving gracefully: limpid movements of a dancer.

[Latin limpidus.]

lim·pid′i·ty, lim′pid·ness n.
lim′pid·ly adv.
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Adv.1.limpidly - in a clear and lucid manner; "this is a lucidly written book"
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But when it does for well, when the illumination has focused a work so that it goes limpidly and flows, there is no gladness like it." After writing down a poem, I revise it from three to four times, inserting a word or line there, deleting complete lines or even stanzas there, listening to the sound of the words, trying to make sense of it all.
It's not the same thing to read one of his poems scribbled in the margins of an Alfonso Reyes poem than to see it stand limpidly inside the box of the book: that which took place in the margins now takes place in the center: that which was outside is now inside.
The author takes us to Amalfi with its limpidly transparent azure sea and its mountainous background.
Furthermore, simulation results show limpidly that the proposed SRS and MRS schemes over the Nakagami-m channel generally outperform the direct transmission scheme in their SRT.
The opening of the moderato was suitably rippling and powerful, although perhaps at one point a little heavy in the left hand, while the adagio was so limpidly beautiful the entire hall forgot about their coughs.
By comparing with the RAT algorithms, we observe that RAC limpidly performs well in terms of distribution latency and distribution ratio.
Although he tries to continue answering questions, "he finished the prayer frantically scratching his head." And, as he exits, he can only limpidly shout his wisdom "to the distracted crowd" (103).
To turn then to "living by wit," part of wit's problem is that it was a signifier which, gradually overrun and overcrowded with signifieds, was virtually unable to contain them all and was thus debarred from limpidly denoting any of them (Milburn 1966, 28).
It is perfection, as is the beautiful Svetlana Zakharov as Odette-Odile, more successful, I felt, as the limpidly fragile white swan, rather than the malevolent Odile, the enchanter's puppet.