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He had begun to limp, and this limp increased with the hours.
She let her legs go limp like a spoiled child, and sat down on the trail.
His ankle had stiffened, his limp was more pronounced, but the pain of it was as nothing compared with the pain of his stomach.
He walked with just such a limp as I have seen in footsore tramps.
He became slower of movement, the resiliency went out of his muscles, and his limp became permanent.
Everything was done that could be done to restore the lost power, and although it was partly regained, Scott walked with a limp to the end of his days.
Nevertheless, when Diana and the other girls had rushed frantically around the house--except Ruby Gillis, who remained as if rooted to the ground and went into hysterics--they found Anne lying all white and limp among the wreck and ruin of the Virginia creeper.