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lime 1

1. Any of several evergreen trees or shrubs of the genus Citrus having edible green or greenish-yellow fruit, especially the Mexican lime and the Persian lime.
2. The fruit of any of these plants, having a pulpy interior and usually acid juice.

[French, from Spanish lima, from Arabic līma, from Persian līmū, lemon, any of various citrus fruits; akin to Hindi nimbū and Gujarati lību, lime, of Austroasiatic origin; akin to Mundari (Munda language of Jharkhand, India) lembu.]

lime 2

See linden.

[Alteration of Middle English lind, line, from Old English lind.]

lime 3

b. Any of various mineral and industrial forms of calcium oxide differing chiefly in water content and percentage of constituents such as magnesia, silica, alumina, and iron.
2. Birdlime.
tr.v. limed, lim·ing, limes
1. To treat with lime.
2. To smear with birdlime.
3. To catch or snare with or as if with birdlime.

[Middle English lim, from Old English līm, birdlime; see lei- in Indo-European roots.]

lim′y adj.
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adj, limier or limiest
1. of, like, or smeared with birdlime
2. containing or characterized by the presence of lime
ˈliminess n


adj, limier or limiest
(Cookery) of or tasting of lime (the fruit)
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(ˈlaɪ mi)

adj. lim•i•er, lim•i•est.
1. consisting of, containing, or like lime.
2. smeared with birdlime.
lim′i•ness, n.
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[ˈlaɪmɪ] ADJcalizo
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adj (+er)kalkhaltig
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There, in three or four fathoms of water, between the reefs of Pacou and Vanou, lay anchors, cannons, pigs of lead and iron, embedded in the limy concretions.
Co-Cu showing in megaclast of green limy mudstone with sulphide veins
But aspleniums, including crispum and cristatum groups that have ruffled fronds, and the soft shield, which has new fronds that resemble octopus tentacles, love limy soils.
This succession is composed of millimetre-thick alternating layers of fine-grained limy siltstone and clay with various sedimentary features present.
The 76m thick section of Nammal Formation at Nammal Gorge consists of predominantly slope forming limestone with interbedded shale, recessive limy siltstone and marl.
The sea-pens are colonies of little polyps, differing from the coral polyps, to which they are related, in that, instead of secreting calcareous tubes in which to dwell, they are supported by a limy central rod, which is covered with a fleshy coenosarc; this branches out in a number of pinnae, along which the polyps grow.
During surgery, surgical specimens (abnormal soft tissue, "limy membrane," and pus liquid) were aseptically collected from the location surrounding the implants and these gross specimens (at least five samples) were immediately sent to microbiology and pathology laboratory for cultures.
The rest of the zone (63 ha) is occupied by a natural semi-deciduous woodland (Samanea saman, Bursera simaruba, Guazuma tomentosa) over limy ground, which in some places present an acceptable degree of conservation and in others areas appear open (clear) abandoned crops.
Chemically besieged calcium carbonate is generally obtained by the "limy" way using calcium hydroxide suspension carbonization by gaseous carbonic oxide (IV) [10].
Keywords: Limy bile syndrome, Merrizi syndrome, Bile duct obstruction.
Limy tube worms Hydroides dianthus were not present until in November of the second growing season, a year later than on the cultch, and Anadara oralis were detected a month later on shells with oysters than on the cultch.