line of flight

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Noun1.line of flight - the path along which a freely moving object travels through the air
itinerary, route, path - an established line of travel or access
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Only the presence of the other (1) in the micropolitical intensivities inscribed there can open a line of flight in what is already instituted as a well-defined field of action in health.
The often ad hoc construction of teaching teams and the requirement to suddenly build a successful working relationship shows in our conversations that reflect the 'rupture' (Reid, 2008: 295) that can open an opportunity for a "line of flight" (Deleuze & Guattari, 1987: 9).
Once the notion of femininity is detached from its masculine other, feminist strategies may be mobilized not merely to critique, but also to take a line of flight from the very structures of domination and control.
In the same sense, I seek to let Foucault break "suicide" open, especially by considering his question "How had the subject been compelled to decipher himself in regard to what was forbidden?" (6) It is a question that permits an unfolding of the way in which the line of flight is implicated in suicide, suicide in the "art of life" and both in politics.
Minor rhetoric is a stylized construction that materially enacts a line of flight.
(3) Dangers of a hardening, of a rigidity, of a macro-fascism on the molar line; of a fall into black holes, into a micro-fascism on the molecular line; of a falling back onto the other two lines or of a collapse into chaos on the line of flight ...
The twin processes of stratification and erosion of layers in Mehretu's paintings contest singular perspective and monovocal tendencies in ways that refute meta-narratives of prediction and control (de Zegher, 2007), enabling in their place a dialogical hermeneutic (Slattery, Krasny, & O'Malley, 2007) that remains attendant to movements of reinscription of the eruptive line of flight, of narrative, and of paradigm.
Stand parallel to line of flight, lean and bend knees, feet at shoulder width.
When it's windy--15 miles an hour or more--a goose or duck can easily change its line of flight. I believe that is why shooting in the wind is so tough.
Her topics include a line of flight for curriculum inquiry, cultures of citizenship, and contours of a curriculum for the new American wilderness.
Air Canada has announced the launch of its new 'Escape Pass', a new addition to its line of Flight Pass products allowing multiple journeys across North America.