line of heart

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Noun1.line of heart - a crease on the palmline of heart - a crease on the palm; palmists say it indicates your emotional nature
crinkle, wrinkle, furrow, crease, seam, line - a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface; "his face has many lines"; "ironing gets rid of most wrinkles"
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Grandstands is an interactive line of cards with displayable characters and push button sound and Picture Perfect is a whimsical line of heart felt cards that feature a special fold that pops open to create a mini-shadowbox.
Nature Made offers a full line of heart health products, from fish oil to help protect your heart to CoQ10, which supports heart muscle strength.
The brand's offerings include a full line of heart health products--from fish oil to help protect the heart to CholestOff to help lower cholesterol and CoQ10 to support heart muscle strength.