line of least resistance

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Noun1.line of least resistance - the easiest way; "In marrying him she simply took the path of least resistance"
fashion - characteristic or habitual practice
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It was all a matter of chance and so I set off down that which seemed the easiest going, and in this I made the same mistake that many of us do in selecting the path along which we shall follow out the course of our lives, and again learned that it is not always best to follow the line of least resistance.
This time, without reasoning it out, merely moving along the line of least resistance, which was to him the line of greatest comfort, he straightened out in the sea and continued so to swim as to remain straightened out.
At the thought, a sudden fear of her own weakness might have seized her, and she might have felt that, after all, it was better to accept the compromise usual in such cases, and follow the line of least resistance.
They may not prevail on her wanting to get in, for then the UnDead is desperate, and must find the line of least resistance, whatsoever it may be.
All day I turned these facts over in my mind, endeavouring to hit upon some theory which could reconcile them all, and to find that line of least resistance which my poor friend had declared to be the starting-point of every investigation.
Here's my two cents' worth: It is very easy after a certain age to take the line of least resistance and just pine away lying in bed or on the couch and playing it safe at home.
Without using the certainty of being caught as deterrence, threatening a criminal with the likelihood of a death sentence as part of law enforcement is taking the line of least resistance. In Article III (Bill of Rights) of the Constitution, Section 19 says: "Excessive fines shall not be imposed, nor cruel, degrading or inhuman punishment inflicted.
With reports that the hard-Brexiteers are only several letters short of the 48 needed to trigger a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister, she has decided to take the line of least resistance by capitulating to their demands.
The contradictory positions adopted within the council recently do not bode well and I fear that a line of least resistance will be taken and yet another local landmark will be lost forever.
That approach has worked well for the likes of Volkswagen, most notably with the Golf (currently on v.7) and now Suzuki has followed the line of least resistance too.
Consensus does not mean, accepting the lowest common denominator, and certainly not taking the line of least resistance as a recent article suggested.
Democratic governments drift along the line of least resistance, taking short views, paying their way with sops and doles, and smoothing their path with pleasant-sounding platitudes." That was written in 1931.