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Noun1.line of products - a particular kind of product or merchandiseline of products - a particular kind of product or merchandise; "a nice line of shoes"
merchandise, product, ware - commodities offered for sale; "good business depends on having good merchandise"; "that store offers a variety of products"
sideline - an auxiliary line of merchandise
top of the line - the best (most expensive) in a given line of merchandise
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Easton Pharmaceuticals, which is a specialty pharmaceutical company, has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to buy cosmetic anti-aging and beauty care line of products including a product to complement its medical marijuana Initiatives.
They can be considered one-stop shops, carrying a full line of products, thanks to large allocations from major manufacturers.
Prolab has a tremendous history of helping athletes reach their potential through their superb line of products," said Avengers' Vice President of Sales, Matt Wikstrom.
The Resurgex line of products finally represents a well thought out, medically accepted and scientifically substantiated formula that address the very nutritional needs of athletes similar to those shared by the chronically ill patient.
Unlike ordinary off-the-shelf cleaners, which are made up primarily of alcohol, ammonia, harsh solvents and colored dye, the PUROSOL line of products is completely organic and environmentally safe.
For more information about Goldleaf or its line of products for community financial institutions, please visit the company on the Web at www.
The company is currently developing a line of products based on its patented InvisaShield(R) technology for use in a number of life safety and security applications.
The Company markets a comprehensive line of products including chemicals, seed, and fertilizer to growers and regional dealers.
DRI prides itself on offering only best-in-class solutions to our customers and Open Energy's SolarSave line of products offer the best of all worlds; easy installation, attractive aesthetics, superior energy production and all under a full warranty and fire safety ratings.
The Tegaderm line of products from 3M offers a variety of wound dressings that help to simplify the job of wound care.
EMRISE CORPORATION (NYSE Arca:ERI), a multi-national manufacturer of defense and aerospace electronic components and communications equipment, today announced that its CXR Larus subsidiary in San Jose, CA, has received first production deliveries of its StarClock(TM) 200 line of products from its turnkey contract manufacturer, Hitachi OMD of Norman, OK.