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Noun1.line of reasoning - a course of reasoning aimed at demonstrating a truth or falsehood; the methodical process of logical reasoning; "I can't follow your line of reasoning"
abstract thought, logical thinking, reasoning - thinking that is coherent and logical
line of inquiry, line of questioning - an ordering of questions so as to develop a particular argument
casuistry - argumentation that is specious or excessively subtle and intended to be misleading
policy - a line of argument rationalizing the course of action of a government; "they debated the policy or impolicy of the proposed legislation"
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His frame of mind and line of reasoning are very disturbing.
Poppy's enthusiasm for her investigation is infectious, and the reader is invited to work out the investigation along with Poppy, who gives clear insights into her line of reasoning as each clue is delivered.
I will pursue this line of reasoning and will not be silenced on this matter so you, sir, can also "get over it.
This paper follows that line of reasoning by describing those events and the individuals who participated in them.
The line of reasoning throughout this discussion seems quite consistent with the idea that the distinction of degree constitutes a comprehensive ecumenical position, whereas the distinction in kind indicates the exclusiveness of the cut.
Following the Board of Health's line of reasoning, why stop at tobacco?
JR, thrown off his line of reasoning, immediately showed his flexibility by responding: "My mother-in-law died yesterday, so don't give me that excuse.
The judge will have to be persuaded; that is, he will have to understand and accept the prisoner's line of reasoning.
A middle section analyzes the impact of this line of reasoning on both naval policy and parliamentary legislation, paying special attention to the American Act of 1708.
Beate Rudolf, head of the non-governmental German Institute for Human Rights, criticized this line of reasoning.
Individuals who represent consumers in NAIC proceedings have rejected that line of reasoning and contended that members of Congress clearly have thought of health insurance producer commissions as an administrative expense.
A similar line of reasoning suggests broadly similar odds for Slovenia v Algeria - both appear to be among the poorest qualifiers from their continents.