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Noun1.line of succession - the order in which individuals are expected to succeed one another in some official position
line - a formation of people or things one behind another; "the line stretched clear around the corner"; "you must wait in a long line at the checkout counter"
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But the gift somewhere dropped out of the line of succession: the later sovereigns of England have not been tactual healers, and the disease once honored with the name "king's evil" now bears the humbler one of "scrofula," from scrofa , a sow.
The House of Representatives unanimously agreed on Wednesday night to remand the proposed Constitution to the committee, thus, paving the way for the naming of the vice president first in the line of succession in case the post of president is left vacant during the transition for the full effectivity of a new Constitution.
MANILA, Philippines A draft federal charter prepared by administration lawmakers excludes Vice President Leni Robredo from the presidential line of succession and designates the Senate president as the automatic successor to the president in case of a transition to a federal system.
The new arrival is Queen Elizabeth II's sixth great-grandchild and bumps Prince Harry to sixth place in the line of succession. The baby is fifth in line, after grandfather Prince Charles, father Prince William and his two siblings.
Its gender - secretly hoping for a girl now that the rules about the line of succession have been changed.
ALL the media furore about Price Harry's frolicking in Las Vegas will soon fade and be dismissed by the general public as froth with the observation that were it not for the fact that he is third in the line of succession to the throne, the story of a 27-year-old single man, who has served his country in the front line in Afghanistan, cavorting around his own hotel suite would have attracted no attention whatsover.
The third in line of succession was spotted locked in conversation with the brunette, known as Jes, in a corner of the VIP balcony of the hotel's Ivy nightclub.
Females are currently superceded in the line of succession by younger male siblings.
WHILE researching a documentary on Richard III,Tony Robinson was shown evidence to suggest that the royal line of succession had perhaps gone a little awry thanks to the illegitimacy of Edward IV.
The Royal Marriages Act 1772, which forbids members of the Royal Family in line of succession from marrying without the consent of the monarch, should be repealed, under the recommendations put forward.
He is second in the line of succession and the person before him, Prince Charles, is 70 years old.