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Noun1.line of thought - a particular way of thinking that is characteristic of some individual or group
cerebration, intellection, mentation, thinking, thought process, thought - the process of using your mind to consider something carefully; "thinking always made him frown"; "she paused for thought"
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Simply as a mental exercise, without any assertion that it is true, let me indicate a possible line of thought. It is, I admit, mere imagination; but how often is imagination the mother of truth?
"You are an enthusiast in your line of thought, I perceive, sir, as I am in mine," said he.
And as it was already day, he thought it right not to fall asleep again, and he continued following up the line of thought in which his mind was engaged when he awoke.
I feel a terror of action and am only at ease in the impersonal, disinterested, and objective line of thought." But then, again, with him "action" meant chiefly literary production.
(the reflection was still incomplete), he caught himself smiling and was conscious that another line of thought had sprung up, and while thinking of her worthlessness he was also dreaming of how she would be his wife, how she would love him become quite different, and how all he had thought and heard of her might be false.
In accordance with the same line of thought, imperfect states, although called perversions, are regarded by Aristotle as the result rather of misconception and ignorance than of perverse will.
Once engaged on this line of thought there could be no question of doing useful work.
I resent Ellyn Mandel's July 9 letter with the accusation that this administration and Peter Roskam are "following the Nazi playbook." If we follow her line of thought, Ellyn Mandel is correct on one of her points.
So in this line of thought 2017th is a good year for lavender production'', Uzunova further said.
A similar line of thought is also being pursued by BRICS nations such as Brazil, India, China, and South Africa, which are all planning to exit the international banking system for more financial independence.
Al-Jaberi urged to fight terrorist line of thought by all means necessary, whether that be through military operations, media outlets or through public lectures and events.