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Noun1.line organization - the organizational structure of activities contributing directly to the organization's output
organization, organisation - a group of people who work together
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The department will be integrated into the regular line organization.
As a private real estate investment trust with a social impact mission, CDT operates as a double bottom line organization by utilizing creative financial solutions to provide debt and equity capital to underserved real estate markets while seeking attractive returns for shareholders.
We explicitly define program management as managerial attempts to bring closer connection between single projects and with the line organization (c.
Critics argue that service line organization does not eliminate functional management (Bowers and Taylor 1990), may create conflicts in lines of reporting, requires excessive management effort to gather the timely and accurate information needed to implement this concept (Alferevic, Kroman, and Ruflin 1987; Plarrtenberg 1988), and invests line authority in a service line manager who lacks the knowledge needed to make clinical and administrative decisions (Flynn 1991).
However, this person had very little authority to implement change in safety and health because this person was a staff function--the line organization continued to hold the authority for change.
Since our audit cycle is about three years, we find it helpful to supplement the audits with self-assessments [which] are led by the line organization and conducted about once a year.
The traditional "us/them" antagonism between communication departments and the rest of the line organization is another luxury whose time has passed.
The seed grant helps fund the creation of a "business plan" that would then be routed back to the line organization for commitment to develop or qualify for fur ther corporate support.
1965 'Front line organization of the state mental hospital'.
This evolved to the point where between 70 percent to 80 percent of the costs assigned to the final cost objectives of a manufacturing or engineering line organization were allocations from common overhead pools.
In the lab, the line organization works downward from the laboratory director to the lab manager to the supervisor and finally to the laboratory staff.