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Noun1.line worker - an employee who works on an assembly lineline worker - an employee who works on an assembly line
employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job
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Zhang, an assembly line worker in Chongqing, always wanted his own motorbike but could never afford one.
John Hines, a 48-year-old production line worker from Shard End, said: "Everybody is praying that the loan goes ahead but it's naive to think there won't be some job losses.
But production line worker Tommy Early, 56, from St Helens, said the overwhelming feeling was one of relief.
But the success of Ford's gamble not only rests on the shoulders of CEO Alan Mulally or Chairman Bill Ford, it rests on the shoulders of every designer, engineer and assembly line worker, who will have to step up yet again and create and act on a battle plan that raises the bar on innovation, quality and profitability.
Part-time dog breeder and Nissan line worker Perry Jones, 40, of Chester-le-Street, left the dog, which belongs to his daughter, Sarah, in the truck, but when he returned, both the truck and the dog were gone.
I mean, it's probably not even two or three miles long," says Bacon, a 26-year-old former production line worker.
But the key to the success, says director Toby Herr, is the front line worker.
They share in feeling the loss of the human side of medicine, and are beginning to exhibit the same disquiet and unhappiness expressed by the production line worker in industry earlier this century.
One of the women--an assembly line worker for some 40 years--had never completed high school, he says.
An unnamed Jaguar assembly line worker said: "We can't even listen on the radio because they've been banned, having been allowed in the factory for over 20 years.
One emergency phone line worker said he had heard of 999 calls being put into a queue with normal calls.
Candidates must have a current Journeyman Line Worker Card to be considered for the journeyman electric line worker positions.