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1. Belonging to or being in the direct line of descent from an ancestor.
2. Derived from or relating to a particular line of descent; hereditary.
3. Linear.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin līneālis, consisting of lines, from Latin līnea, line; see line1.]

lin′e·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.lineally - by an unbroken line of descent; "she is related lineally to the Royal Family"
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I could plainly discover whence one family derives a long chin; why a second has abounded with knaves for two generations, and fools for two more; why a third happened to be crack-brained, and a fourth to be sharpers; whence it came, what Polydore Virgil says of a certain great house, NEC VIR FORTIS, NEC FOEMINA CASTA; how cruelty, falsehood, and cowardice, grew to be characteristics by which certain families are distinguished as much as by their coats of arms; who first brought the pox into a noble house, which has lineally descended scrofulous tumours to their posterity.
At all events, Scheherazade, who, being lineally descended from Eve, fell heir, perhaps, to the whole seven baskets of talk, which the latter lady, we all know, picked up from under the trees in the garden of Eden-Scheherazade, I say, finally triumphed, and the tariff upon beauty was repealed.
The Princess was of the family of Pompili, lineally descended from the second king of Rome, and Egeria of the house of Olympus, while the Prince's grandfather, Alessandro Polonia, sold wash-balls, essences, tobacco, and pocket-handkerchiefs, ran errands for gentlemen, and lent money in a small way.
While they had some of the same personnel, aircraft, bases and functions of the old commands, they were not lineally connected with any of them.
Percentage of birds involved in Wk over the 24 h period and 17 h light phase tended to increase lineally (p = 0.
Hence heat of vaporization gradually and lineally decreased with decreased in temperature.
As we can see, the communication overhead in the FAC is constant while it is lineally increasing in Ruj's scheme.
They do not allow anyone to associate with them, unless he can show to their satisfaction that he is lineally connected in both these ways with a fully accredited Pir.
Section 2(2) of the Marriage (Prohibited Degrees) Act, SC 1990, c 46 bars someone from marrying "another person if they are related lineally, or as brother or sister or half-brother or half-sister, including by adoption.
Due to the fact that higher scoring is given the longer the product is stored (18), the quality index is lineally increased (13, 18, 20) and therefore is frequently used to predict the remaining storage time on ice (12, 18, 21), which is useful for fish merchants to determine how much time it is acceptable to keep the product on the market (2).
It's common for people to think that having one superior outcome is just a fact in the world, and there's the assumption that everything containing value has to be lineally ordered.
7) Such Great Men who apprehend the Way, according to Zhu Xi, were an enlightened minority who had only appeared in the known human history occasionally, as the orthodox learning of the Way had only been lineally transmitted alone a succession of a highly select personalities, from the sage kings in remote antiquity, to Confucius and Mencius.